Coyote Season Is Just Around The Corner

October 9, 2017



For years I have been calling coyotes using mouth call. As a cabinet maker by trade I've always made my own and get great satisfaction out of consistently call coyotes with them. They've been great for winter hunting. However during the summer months when farmers in our area ask me to help to deal with nuisance coyotes I've always thought that it would be great to have access to a wider range of sounds. An added edge if you will. A couple weeks ago I got the opportunity to put an E Caller to the test on a very frustrating coyote. I received a call from a lady who was loosing lambs and chickens to a coyote. During the summer months I almost always use coyote vocalization to deal with nuisance situations dogs and this appeared to be an easy setup. After acquiring permission to set up in the pasture field west of the farm that was having trouble I headed in early the first morning. 


With  challenge howl I got a quick response from the bush.  Every now and then the coyote would stick his head out for a look but not long enough to get a shoot. Thinking the hunt was going to be short I howled again. That was the start of an hour of howling back and forth. 

Over the next week it was the same thing. I would howl, the coyote would answer and I would go home.  


After talking to a buddy about what was happening he offered to let me use an ICOTec GC500 E-Caller. With a 300 yard range I  figured by placing the caller in the middle of the field and staying 200 yards down wind I might be able to draw him out so with the wind in my favour I headed back in to try the Caller. As I explained I set the caller out in the field and tucked myself into a bunch of cedars 200 yards down wind of the caller. The first call sequence was a challenge howl which got things rolling fast. This time the big male coyote showed himself fast but hang up at just under 500 yards but as least I had his attention. 



Using a female coyote howl did the trick. Wow. He almost immediately started trotting down the field still staying tight to the bush but coming straight at me. And barking the whole time. He had no idea I was there until I knocked him down at 90 yards. 


After contacting the ICOTec company they sent me a box of different calls and decoys to start using. I have to get to Costco now to stock up on batteries. These new callers are going to get a lot of use this winter.























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