Coyote Hunting Strategies

January 10, 2018


The winter coyote hunting season is in full swing. After receiving an GC500 E Caller from the folks at ICOtec I put it to work and was not disappointed. Besides the wide range of sounds to choose from as well as the ability to add and record I’m also amazed by the 300 yard remote range the unit offers.
Whether your a seasoned coyote hunter or a “Newbee” the most important point to remember is the coyotes are smart and many will try and find a way to get down wind of your position.
I like to try and target the big old heavy coated mature coyotes that almost always hang up or try to do the down wind shuffle and need the advantage when hunting.


Some folks might read this article and think that because I promote the ICOtec brand I have to keep a positive spin on it, however my position is I won’t promote it if it doesn’t work. Now that I’ve used the caller for a couple months and have called 14 coyotes with it I can say it’s a great tool to call old Wily.


Placing the caller in the middle of an open field with or without a decoy and setting yourself up in a fence row a couple hundred yards down wind allows you to control the caller and watch for approaching coyotes that are focused on the sounds coming from the caller and have no idea your there.
This strategy work very well for both recreational hunting as well as nuisance coyote removal situations.  Although the sounds are different as the seasons change this strategy works the same. Get the caller out away from you and make sure your down wind. With the exceptionally long range on the remote you have a huge advantage when your hunting. The unit is light weight, compacted and very reasonably price in both Canada and the US.

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