Praying For Spring

April 15, 2018


The Ontario spring turkey hunt is only a few days away and our 2018 spring weather has been less the favourable to get the Toms strutting and the hens thinking about nesting.


Being self employed I’m able to spend an hour each morning scouting for birds in my farms looking for mature Toms and taking a head count. With the cold spring temperatures it seems the big groups of birds haven’t broken up and spread out which is normal for this time of year. Even our “go to “ farms are slow to show any birds at all. However in preparation for this season I’ve added a second decoy to the line up. After having such great success using my homemade strutting Tom decoy that we refer to as “Corneilius” I now have a strutting jake decoy “Ted” to include in our set up. Using foam bodies , skins from real turkeys and hand carved heads these decoys are proving to be deadly on trophy birds. 


 It will be interesting to see how the turkeys react to the two decoy setup. For the pasted few years I haven’t had to use a hen with my single Tom. The theory I’ve tested is to place just a single decoy about 15 feet out from where I’m sitting in the fence roll and attaching fishing line to it to add some movement. It seem that

when big Toms see my strutting decoy but can’t see a hen they come in fast to see what my decoy is strutting for. I’ve tested this theory many times and with great success. If however your fussy about the size of bird you shoot take note that Jakes tend to keep their distance. 





 Over the past 6 years I’ve won the local contest 3 times for shooting the largest bird in our area. I think I’m doing something right.



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